Crayola Crayon Color Names ~ Rain = Pain

In case you wanted more feeling from the images that are thrust in front of you and your kids every day, Crayola has taken steps to give it to you with its new color names.  Three of them are relevant here: Best Friends, Fun in the Sun, and Super Happy.  Here they are from their […]

Herbal Essences Great Escapes, Little Escapes Sweepstakes

Herbal Essences wants you to stop and smell the essences. Their wild sneaker-wearing camel campaign is pushing hard. I personally don’t want to smell the camel or the sneakers, but we awarded their Hello Hydration ad the Rapidsea Commercial of the Year for their Lovely, Scented Desert (LSD) oasis imagery. It’s positively the best, worst […]

Philips Norelco ~ Second Puberty

Philips Norelco is using not just the beach to advertise their body hair trimming products, but they have even gone as far as saying that their shavers can give you an extra “optical inch.” Yes, just like the email spam you get. If you have followed the other Rapidsea posts on hairless dudes for our […]

Comedy Central’s Real ‘Ving Break ~ Surf and Turk

Comedy Central has been airing a four-day "Thanxgiveaway Wiikend" promotion with the chance to win a Scion xD and a Nintendo.  If you visit their Thanxgiveaway site, you’ll be greeted by this surfing Turkey: At first glance there doesn’t seem to be any reason behind giving the turkey a surfboard.  None of the prizes that […]

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