Hilton’s Share Hawaii Sweepstakes

Hilton is using this ad to try to get you to bring your family to Hawaii: It’s for the Hilton Share Hawaii sweepstakes. Notice how they have taken the Hawaiian honeymoon couple’s cache and thrown a couple of tagalongs behind them. Twice the guests = twice the money? Will the campaign work, or is it […]

Miss Landmine Angola 2008

Angola has landmines throughout the county that have ripped apart thousands of lives from their destruction. One way that the society has decided to help recover its dignity and beauty is through a pageant for women who have been hurt by these mines. You can visit the very Hollywood-inspired Miss Landmine Angola 2008 site here […]

Grohe ~ German for ‘waterfall’

In looking around the Metropolis magazine website for the Dubai article that I mentioned in the last post, I noticed a Flash animated waterfall ad for Grohe sprinkled around various pages: The ad is similar to the one that I posted on Hawaii marketing itself, hold the Adam and Eve models.  It’s a little obvious […]

Classmates.com ~ You’re a winner!

Have you always wanted to be a winner?  Well, Classmates.com has a new newsletter called Winning Chance that they want you to sign up for to hear about upcoming contests from Classmates.com.  You’ll soon be just like the hero here to the left. Do the people who sign away their rights to pose in stock […]

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