Conclusive evidence that crop circles are not alien renderings

Either the ocean obsession has spilled over into alien life interacting with earth or crop circles are made by sea-possessed humans.  The latest jellyfish crop “circle” in Britain provides 600 feet of near-conclusive evidence of the latter.  We love our ocean creatures.

Crayola Crayon Color Names ~ Rain = Pain

In case you wanted more feeling from the images that are thrust in front of you and your kids every day, Crayola has taken steps to give it to you with its new color names.  Three of them are relevant here: Best Friends, Fun in the Sun, and Super Happy.  Here they are from their […]

Hawaii Chair ~ absolutely ridiculous (or is it?)

Back in November, we talked about the "Hula Chair" found in the SkyMall catalog.  Well, now the motorized version of the chair called the "Hawaii Chair" from a company called Perfect USA is making buzz around the Internets.  I have to say that it makes the Hula Chair look like a rocking horse in a […]

Palm Tree Christmas Trees

Thank you to everyone who stands tall against buying lighted palm tree Christmas trees: Although, many people might try to justify the purchase by saying, "But there’s so much more room for all the presents we buy every year."  Not that it matters this year, given the debt crisis.

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