Wynn Encore ~ a little XS and never again

Be forewarned that the Wynn Encore’s XS night club, which is apparently one of the best nightclubs in Las Vegas at the moment, is a horrible place to host a party.  Do NOT choose this venue for an important event such as a big birthday, upscale bachelor/bachelorette party, or after-wedding event.  You will be disappointed […]

J.Crew Spring in a Modernist Neutra Setting

J.Crew has taken a strong visual turn with the spring March 2008 catalog: It’s distinct for its use of landscape architecture and architecture to contrast just a hint of what the model is wearing.  There are no happy, jumpy groups of people (at least on the cover) with white linen jackets in stupid little row […]

The ‘Paradiso’ font by Brian J. Bonislawsky at Astigmatic

  MyFonts.com, in their most recent email newsletter, has this to say about the font: "On a stroll across his home town, the Vegas-based, self-proclaimed ‘Professor of Fontology’ found a similar source of inspiration in the Paris Resort and Casino. Its logo has a high “ooh-la-la” factor, with a capital P that is decidedly lustful." […]

Kapalua Bay Beach on Maui named 3rd Best Place to Propose in the USA

TripAdvisor has released their Top 10 places to propose in the country.  Coming in at number three is Kapalua Bay Beach on Maui. This is just great.  Now people will think that they have to propose on the beach, get married on the beach, and go on a beach honeymoon. Even more surprising is the […]

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