Big Love ~ What are female whales really looking for in a mate?

Smithsonian magazine has an article called "Big Love," which seeks to understand what exactly female whales look for in a mate.  Check it out if you’re interested. (Photo above by Whit Welles)

Liz Claiborne Curve-ball

Oh, you clever Liz Claiborne advertisers.  You thought you’d be really creative with a vintage paradise ad that points out to Complex readers that paradise imagery is ubiquitous and cheesy (click to enlarge): In the end you proved that there’s little creative about mocking a cliche even though you’re one step ahead in knowing that […]

Heroes Star Hayden Panettiere breaks down over the killing of baby dolphins

Click play on the video below to see a graphic newscast of a very controversial annual dolphin killing tradition in Japan.  Hayden Panettiere was one of the surfer protesters who went to try to stop this year’s slaughter.  She broke down talking about the experience.  Each year the tradition gains more attention. How much longer […]

Airbus A380 ~ a bigger, smarter flying dolphin?

This ad at came as quite a surprise today: It was a big web ad (coming in at 336 X 850 pixels), so I shrank it down to fit in the space here.  My first thoughts were, "What does a dolphin have to do with the biggest airplane ever made?" I followed through to […]

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