High Resolution 3D Interactive Image of the Sistine Chapel ~ Expulsion from the Garden of Eden

If you’re looking for a high-resolution interactive view of the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museum has an excellent online site that will blow you away. You’ll be able to zoom in and see even more detail of the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, or count the individual pieces in the […]

Guinness Life of a Dot

The little dot could be anything, even the Eden or the submarine you’ll see in this advertisement…   Instead, it chose to be a pint of Guinness. This reminds me of the hula hoop in the Hudsucker Proxy movie. By way of Duncan’s TV Ad Land, which has more information and full stats on the […]

Arizona ~ Daily Seizure from Repetitive Waterfalls

Arizona has been pushing this Seize the Day tourism waterfall ad: This image is remarkably similar to ever other couple-traveling-and-visiting-a-waterfall ad.  Like this Hawaiian version.  Or there’s this shower ad that is missing the couple; presumably they’re in the shower instead. This waterfall is quite beautiful, but this photo doesn’t really tell the story of […]

Orangina Naturally Juicy Commercial

If Cirque du Soleil were to base a commercial on their Zumanity show in Las Vegas, perhaps with a little bit of Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element mixed in, this is what it would look like:   Commercials don’t get any saucier than this one.  It’s for the Orangina brand drink from France.  Did you […]

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