How can Hawaii market itself when we use Hawaii to sell everything else?

I rarely post images from travel ads because we know what to expect.  If you’re marketing a beach, then by all means PLEASE use a picture of that beach.  With any luck, it’s beautiful enough from 360 degrees, so you can give us a realistic view of it. Anyway, last night this ad for Pleasant […]

The All Mighty Detergent Dolphin

The Rapidsea sanctioned laundry detergents are, of course, Tide within the United States and Ariel ("Lion of God" in Hebrew, but more like the Disney mermaid for us) everywhere else, but All brand detergent has made a showing recently with this little high-powered bottle: Notice the cute little dolphin that is supposed to mean that […]

Facebook ~ Untangling organic agglomerations of technological chaos or just helping people hook up?

Facebook, when it was first started, was an exclusive club walled off from people who did not go to “elite” schools. Then as it started expanding, it was interesting to see which schools were slowly being considered as elite enough to get in. Before you knew it students who shared the same names wrote each […]

Harrod’s hires a live cobra snake to guard expensive shoes

So, in a nice little publicity stunt, Harrod’s of London has hired (which I think means rented in ‘Merican) a real live cobra to guard a pair of forbidden shoes worth $120,000.  While several news outlets are carrying the AP story, none have done it as classily as Gizmodo, who have added a nice little COBRA […]

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