Tommy Hilfiger sums up prep in 10 easy points

This photo from the May 2009 issue of Details drew me into an article about Tommy Hilfiger, or rather an article about what Tommy thinks of preppy style. How could you not be drawn into this one with that hot surfboard and Jeep? Not to mention that prepped out, but desaturated, rocker T-shirt and, oh, […]

American Eagle soars in paradise

Perennial paradise clothing company American Eagle Outfitters is back at it for the summer season.  Their new background is filled with palm trees: And the images for the clothes and accessories are full of paradise icons: Adolescents are bombarded with so many of these images.  I won’t even get into the actual model profiles, but […]

Jumping the fashion shark

Sorry for the post drought.  I am on the second of two trips and also remodeling a small 200-year-old house.  I have been collecting as much as ever, and more posts are on their way. Luckily, my dear friend Kristin, as she lies in bed healing from surgery, dredged up one of the strangest fashion […]

J.Crew Spring in a Modernist Neutra Setting

J.Crew has taken a strong visual turn with the spring March 2008 catalog: It’s distinct for its use of landscape architecture and architecture to contrast just a hint of what the model is wearing.  There are no happy, jumpy groups of people (at least on the cover) with white linen jackets in stupid little row […]

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