South Park Imaginationland ~ the ideal of destructive creativity

People who create comedy from the worlds we live in are a good place to start when thinking about our ideas of ideal places.  Enter the "new feature length DVD movie" called "South Park Imaginationland": There are no weird palm trees, just architectural evidence in which Bavaria meets the Netherlands meets Yemen set in a […]

Flint Tropics’ Will Ferrell movie has a slow open

While "Semi-Pro," the new Will Ferrell movie about the Flint Tropics basketball team, topped the box office numbers over the weekend, it still only brought in $15.3 million according to Alicia Chang via the AP.  Chang says that, according to "box office analysts," it’s possible that either a slow time of year or the movie’s […]

Will Ferrell Semi-Pro Trailer ~ the ‘clean’ version

In case you’re wondering if you’re ready to give up some of your privacy to see the adult version of the Semi-Pro movie trailer that I mentioned in the Super Bowl ad post, I leave you with this image from the clean version: And the folks in Virginia Beach were all upset about the Abercrombie […]

Where is this unmistakable place in what movie?

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