Orangina Naturally Juicy Commercial

If Cirque du Soleil were to base a commercial on their Zumanity show in Las Vegas, perhaps with a little bit of Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element mixed in, this is what it would look like:   Commercials don’t get any saucier than this one.  It’s for the Orangina brand drink from France.  Did you […]

A must see ~ paradise can destroy your liver and maybe even kill you

Halloween has past, but the fright continues.  The scariest website on the Internet might just be TravelSafely.com, which is a site advertising Hepatitis A and B vaccines by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).  Just swimming in that pool can lead to disease according to this weird doctor-like, lab-coating-wearing public informant. The most shocking part of the site is […]

Paradise Premiers ~ Extreme Makeover Home Edition and Biggest Loser

It’s no surprise here at Rapidsea that Extreme Makeover Home Edition will be having a full two-hour season premier in Hawaii on September 30th. Check out the ABC website for the full promo videos, where you’ll hear such wonderful lines as: “In Hawaii, most enjoy a pina colada. We prefer a screwdriver.” “Some people go […]

Bad Ad, Bad Placement ~ Aie, Concur!

Poor Concur. For those who have ever dealt with business expense reports and policy-driven purchases, Concur seems to have a useful and innovative service. But their unfortunate “Jim goes to Hawaii first class” Flash tower ad sucks. Let’s talk the ad up first before I mention the horrible placement. First of all, no one thinks that […]

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