Teleflip ~ email while surfing

Teleflip is a service that allows you to forward your email to an ordinary mobile phone with text messaging capabilities.  All you pay for is the text message charge from your carrier. The simple explanation of this service alone is good enough to convince those who need it to use, but the company is now […]

LapDome? Get off your computer and enjoy your freaking vacation instead

Product ads with paradise settings come along every day. Often times, I’m left wondering if the image is a statement about where the product or service can take you or if the people doing the advertising are hoping that your purchasing the product or service will afford them the lifestyle they depict. The LapDome is […]

Wii Shark Gun

Shoot me now: Please. Links to more on the Shark Gun: Kotaku, Gizmodo, and Deal Extreme.

Sony Bravia ~ bunnies wave to a whale

I didn’t expect this Sony Bravia bunny commercial to resurface this year, but Wired has posted it as one of "The 10 Best Gadget Ads of 2007":   The weird part is that when I originally watched this I figured that it was a bunny ad that would probably have no significance to the Rapidsea […]

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