There is some controversy brewing in Australia over this little product: It’s the iPond — a combination portable music player speaker and Siamese fighting fish aquarium. The issue is that some animal rights activists say that the container is far too small for the fish that it contains (meaning not enough oxygen or clean water) […]

YouTube on the Helio Ocean

The Helio Ocean not only supports easier Googling, but now it can interact with YouTube better too according to CrunchGear. We tend to agree with them that “the Ocean, with Helio’s service, is the device to watch, and every time an improvement like this hits the hardware, we’re proven a little bit more correct.” It […]

A cell phone is not an ocean or a surf shop, Helio

I have pondered for a long time now why the Korean company Helio would name their mobile power center phone the "Ocean."  But the images don’t stop there.  The company has put an ad up on BoingBoing for the phones very cool one click search function.  See: This is a really great feature.  All you […]

Boston Logan Intl. Airport’s Terminal B Airmall ~ Get your pet to the beach or just shop and dine

If you’re a staunch animal rights supporter, you may be appalled by this image: But come on, despite the anthropomorphism and beach overkill, this dog is cute.  What’s strange is that this is a "Shop & Dine Guide," but spends two folds of the brochure talking about tips for traveling with your pet. And even […]

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