Goomba lurking in Barlow Tyrie outdoor furniture

After seeing similar boring outdoor furniture posing in ads with all Seven Seas, your brain goes from seeing this: To seeing Super Mario Bros. Goombas: Right?  Not to mention the Donald Trump wig he’s got on there:

Gearing up for toy shopping? Amazon’s got a few Rapidsea-ready top sellers

If you have to buy for kids this year and you’re not excited about waking up at 4:00 AM to go wait in line for toys at Target, you may want to consider just going to Amazon’s Holiday Toy List here.  Here’s a selection of Rapidsea-ready toys and games that have either been discussed here […]

Monopoly Escape ~ WWII Game or Today’s ‘Tropical Tycoon’

Today has been awash in researching toys that are on display as part of the kick off to the holiday season. A good place to start turned out to be Amazon’s Holiday Toy List, which is a selection of their most popular items. It was there that I came across this little escape-to-paradise jewel: the […]

Crysis ~ the most realistic virtual island in the history of man ~ in stores November 14, 2007

By far the most realistic virtual island ever created for mass production is coming out on November 14, 2007, in the form of the game Crysis developed by Crytek and distributed through Electronic Arts.  Here’s the box art: Notice the changes to the newer box on the right.  First off, there’s the obvious Game Critics […]

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