GE Ecomagination and Admagination

GE has scored a winner with this ad, which appeared in the December issue of The Atlantic (click to enlarge): One of the most powerful feelings that you can have on an island is when you look around or at glance at your feet and realize the full power of nature that elevated this place […]

Thank global warming ~ soon you will be surfing at your beach house in upper Newfoundland

In case anybody missed out on the article “Hooray for Global Warming ~ Surf’s Up!” from James S. Robbins in the National Review on August 8, 2006, I wanted to make it resurface. It is especially encouraging for people who are investing now in Canadian beachfront property. There are two important quotes from Mr. Robbins’ […]

Global warming cannot come soon enough to the kingdom of Island Princess Barbie

Barbie as the Island Princess was officially launched today. All I can say is that the effects of global warming cannot come soon enough to her island kingdom. Watch the clip, and you’ll know why I say this. It’s horrible. Right?

Lacoste Elegance ~ Smells like urban paradise ~ and visually puey too

Visually, Lacoste has given us nothing with this image at their Elegance Free Sample Page.  What does a literal urban island have to do with fragrance or elegance?  And once you get past the Flash opener, why is their street sign menu floating in the middle of the ocean?  Is this a global warming ad?  […]

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