Microsoft: Guitar-playing flamingo for Popfly Beta

If you look at that image there, you’ll see a flamingo with its head wrapped around the guitar.  There are some other images, which look mostly like standard stock photos, that rotate through the mix: I started writing the post before I saw these, and of course the surfer, the dandelion-filled meadow, and the goldfish […]

Smart Water ~ You CAN take your goldfish with you

“Spring water is for swimming. Smart water is for drinking.” Are electrolytes as orange as this fish swimming in my bottled water? Or are we memorializing the little dead fishies we kill by drinking bottled water according to Disney? These obscured petroleum-based sticker fish behind man-made liquids are strange.

Bush Appoints Nemo Head of EPA Beaches ~ Can Leonard Stop Him?

A recent trip to the Seattle Aquarium proved interesting. The scale of the place is great, and there are many things for the kids to do. My personal favorites were the octopus tube and the illuminated jellyfish “donut” that you get to walk through. My not-so-favorite thing was hearing the kids calling out the names […]