Accenture Dumps Golfing Tiger for Surfing Elephant

If you Google “dumps Tiger,” half of the front page listings deal with the Accenture corporation. They officially cut ties with him in December 2009, giving a crisp send off in this press release (emphasis added): Accenture Sponsorship Update NEW YORK; Dec. 13, 2009 – Accenture (NYSE: ACN) today announced that it will not continue […]

Appalling Golfweek magazine noose cover

One of the media representatives of the escapist, and often exclusive, sport of golf has caused quite an uproar.  It’s Golfweek magazine, which published this cover with a noose on it: What?! It’s not like noose scares aren’t all over the news?  Is that where they got the idea?  This is a classic example of […]

Donald Trump’s multi-billion-dollar golf course resort rejected

If you were wondering the fate of the Donald Trump seaside golf course after the post on one man who was holding out, well, wait no longer.  The plans for the $2 billion resort have been nixed by the planning agency according to the Telegraph.  It’s strange, too, since Scotland is culturally one place where […]

The Almighty Golf God ~ Dominion over the Land

The search has been on for a while now for an image that expresses a feeling about how golf communities suck up land, dump fertilizers into watersheds, put up fences with guarded gates, and pretend that they live in rapture.  Well, today the image came in the form of a bit of ephemera from The […]

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