WSJ: Whose Beach Is It Anyway?

As the beach recedes into the properties of people with homes along the Texas Gulf Coast, the state is upsetting residents by telling them to get out of the public right of way on the beach.  Read about it here (with video). The water at Surfside Beach has come up 200 feet since the early […]

Donald Trump’s multi-billion-dollar golf course resort rejected

If you were wondering the fate of the Donald Trump seaside golf course after the post on one man who was holding out, well, wait no longer.  The plans for the $2 billion resort have been nixed by the planning agency according to the Telegraph.  It’s strange, too, since Scotland is culturally one place where […]

Sentinel: ‘Beachfront pork’ is bad federal policy

Hurricane Isabel created the destruction seen in this picture, but it was federal policy that rebuilt the road in the same place.  Is this the proper function of our government? The Orlando Sentinel has a critique of the recent Water Resources Development Act.  In an "Other Views" piece called "Beachfront pork: Bad science and bad […]

Weeks later ~ palm trees still the focus of California fire images

You won’t find many images of the recent California fires in the media that don’t contain palm trees.  The Huffington Post front page today has a new one up with an article claiming that perhaps more could have been done to stop the fires: Surely there must be other things in Southern California to take […]

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