American Eagle soars in paradise

Perennial paradise clothing company American Eagle Outfitters is back at it for the summer season.  Their new background is filled with palm trees: And the images for the clothes and accessories are full of paradise icons: Adolescents are bombarded with so many of these images.  I won’t even get into the actual model profiles, but […]

Crayola Crayon Color Names ~ Rain = Pain

In case you wanted more feeling from the images that are thrust in front of you and your kids every day, Crayola has taken steps to give it to you with its new color names.  Three of them are relevant here: Best Friends, Fun in the Sun, and Super Happy.  Here they are from their […]

Happy 50th Anniversary LEGO!

As kids’ toys go, I am a fan of LEGO.  Not only are the kits themselves creative, but they are also infinitely customizable for even more layers of imagination.  Their advertising is also typically pretty great.  For example, there’s the "Imagine" campaign:   And one of my top ten all-time favorite Rapidsea-ready ads, the LEGO […]

Harvard Magazine ~ Autism: ‘Probing the roots of a devastating disorder’

The January/February 2008 cover of Harvard Magazine (the Alumni Association’s magazine) has been sent out and has this sunset cover on the topic of autism: It’s a mother and her son walking on what appears to be a beach at sunset.  They are disjointed by a lightning bolt and some strange puzzle pieces.  The image […]

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