Depend on Grandma

In a follow up to the Depend on Grandpa post, we declare "Viva las undies!"  Grandma is back in action again thanks to the "best protection" available, and she’s taking a swing at the good life: Since the last ad in which grandpa got carried away checking out the girls on the beach with his […]

How not to package toys ~ Dora the Explorer Piñata

Go, Dora, the young explorer girl who teaches kids about travel, adventure, and problem solving.  Stop Wal-Mart and other retailers from displaying her in a prominent location in a plastic bag like a restrained and suffocating child: Whether this toy was made in a humane environment or not, nothing says sweatshop like the image of […]

Lego Aqua Raiders

One of the great toy finds of the year is definitely the Lego Aqua Raiders sets.  Here’s one with an amazing Lego skeleton in the lower right-hand corner: I wonder if it draws its inspiration from Pirates of the Caribbean on some level.  I’d like to think that Disney doesn’t dictate most toy evolutions. The […]

Depend on Grandpa

Certain ads require no comment… …but don’t you wonder why grandpa has the little boy looking through the binoculars towards the beach?

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