and the Susan G. Komen Foundation Team Up for a Beach Run Against Cancer

Since the diagnosis of my own mother with breast cancer several years ago, I have paid keen attention to the many charitable organizations soliciting funds for cancer research, prevention, and care, particularly those that use Rapidsea imagery to do it. Charities love to use oceans and beaches to extend the warm feeling of giving to […]

If you had to choose between eye sight and islands

Here’s a special new ad from CareCredit (click to enlarge): What makes this one interesting is that they’re not trying to equate LASIK with a tropical island, just telling you that you can have both good eye sight and a tropical vacation.  CareCredit offers financing for healthcare procedures that insurance doesn’t necessarily cover.  It is […]

Hawaii Chair ~ absolutely ridiculous (or is it?)

Back in November, we talked about the "Hula Chair" found in the SkyMall catalog.  Well, now the motorized version of the chair called the "Hawaii Chair" from a company called Perfect USA is making buzz around the Internets.  I have to say that it makes the Hula Chair look like a rocking horse in a […]

Pharmaceutical companies spend more on ‘placeless’ ads than research and development

We’ve talked at some length on this blog about the placeless places used in pharmaceutical ads.  Would you believe that the industry spends more on those ads than they do on research and development?  One study suggests so.

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