Harvard Magazine ~ Autism: ‘Probing the roots of a devastating disorder’

The January/February 2008 cover of Harvard Magazine (the Alumni Association’s magazine) has been sent out and has this sunset cover on the topic of autism: It’s a mother and her son walking on what appears to be a beach at sunset.  They are disjointed by a lightning bolt and some strange puzzle pieces.  The image […]

Depend on Grandma

In a follow up to the Depend on Grandpa post, we declare "Viva las undies!"  Grandma is back in action again thanks to the "best protection" available, and she’s taking a swing at the good life: Since the last ad in which grandpa got carried away checking out the girls on the beach with his […]

Creepiest ad smiles

This ad for Wellesse Glucosamine supplements contains some of the creepiest smiling people I have ever seen: They sure do appear to be enjoying their boating adventure.  There’s a huge SNL "jealous" hiding behind those eyes.  Those fiery life vests are something. This is from The Costco Connection January 2008 page 53.

S.O.S. Breast Cancer Resources

If you haven’t already been touched in your life by breast cancer, there is a good chance that you will be at some point.  I mentioned in a post a while back that my mother was recently diagnosed with the disease and just had what appears to be a successful surgery to remove the cancer.  […]

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