Smithsonian ~ Gates of Paradise restored

I referenced the Gates of Paradise tour in the new "Out to See" section on the right of the page, and decided to actually post on it after going through the photos.  This restoration is amazingly beautiful, and if you can get to Chicago, New York, or Seattle while the Gates are on tour, you […]

Napoleon ~ Symbols of Power at the MFA in Boston and artifacts of squalor at Longwood on St. Helena

If you want to see objects of the glory days of Emperor Napoleon, get on up to Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts for the exhibition “Napoleon: Symbols of Power.” It contains objects from 1800-1815. The brochure reads: “Rare treasures on view range from Napoleon’s sword and folding campaign bed to one of only four surviving […]

Why would you represent your exchange trading technology with a 70-year-old defunct ship?

This ad is for International Securities Exchange.  The ship depicted looks like the Royal Mail Ship (RMS) Queen Elizabeth (the stacks are little off).  Unless they’re referring to a deep sea vessel, it’s tough to understand why they think the message of "depth" is really being portrayed here.  It looks more like a cross between […]

Looks like ocean love started about 165,000 years ago when humans first moved to the beaches

The great underlying Rapidsea question of how and when our love affair with the sea began has been narrowed — through a 45,000-year expansion in our knowledge of human beach history.  Mason Inman at the National Geographic news section is reporting that researchers have uncovered evidence in some caves in South Africa that shows humans […]

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