Gavin Newsom and Jennifer Siebel get engaged in Hawaii

Gavin Newsom, the Mayor of San Francisco, popped the big question to actress Jennifer Siebel on the Big Island.  This, of course, means that one of the fantasy bachelors of the world is now very taken (again).  More here.  Not since the Wentworth Miller and Luke Macfarlane photos surfaced has an event caused so much […]

Bling h2O

Here’s a quote for you from Kevin G. Boyd (Hollywood writer-producer): "…you could tell a lot about a person by the bottled water they carried.  In Hollywood it seemed as if people flaunted their bottled water like it was part of their presentation. Whether the bottles had a cool shape or came from an exotic […]

Larry Page and Lucy Southworth get married in British Virgin Islands

There is a post in the works for couples who are starting to feel more and more pressure to get married on the beach.  It’s a sensitive issue, and the post cannot be rushed.  Just know, however, that it’s coming, and it might be an unflattering indictment against the practice — mostly because the average […]

Mysterious door appears on California beach

The world stands mesmerized by a stainless steel door with ocean-sapphire glass that appeared mysteriously on a beach in California this morning. Local surf legend Bobby Miller was the first to see the door. He revealed his discovery to two of his fellow surfers who contacted local authorities. They stood in awe at what they […]

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