Goomba lurking in Barlow Tyrie outdoor furniture

After seeing similar boring outdoor furniture posing in ads with all Seven Seas, your brain goes from seeing this: To seeing Super Mario Bros. Goombas: Right?  Not to mention the Donald Trump wig he’s got on there:

Tropical bird kitchenware ~ the toucan can opener and the parakeet garlic press

There were a couple of little kitchen items that I stumbled upon this week totally separately.  The first is this toucan can opener found in Metropolitan Home (March 2008 Page 8): The second is a parakeet garlic press. Both are good for the people who want nothing and both are made by a company called […]

Beach beds ~ no, for real this time

Finally, a bed maker has put their bed where the beach is: That’s WeatherMaster outdoor furniture from the Spinnaker Collection by Laneventure.  Other bed makers, like Hastens, Simmons, and Tempur-Pedic, just want you to think that your bed is a medium to paradise. But, in the end, can you really imagine lugging one of these […]

Corelle dinnerware ~ the harshest paradisiacal conditions

This ad has nothing to do with the product: Yes, it’s Corelle glass dinnerware.  And it looks like it was discarded into the great floating trash abyss in the Pacific.  And does anybody really think of this type of underwater coral/fish scene as "the harshest conditions"? This one came from the January/February issue of Elle […]

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