The Tackiest Escapist Toilet Seats

Like the ocean, your toilet contains water.  Therefore, your toilet seat should celebrate its beach-like position on the edge of a tiny abyss. Here are our nominees for the tackiest escapist toilet seats in the world: 1. What better way to start the images than with this little starfish number?   2. This is like […]

Tempur-Pedic ~ rainforest ready

If you’re looking to outfit your rainforest tent with a mattress, you may want to choose Tempur-Pedic with all of its waterproofing and its ability to repel pooling rainwater by expelling the frequent puddles of the tropics up and off the bed.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t sleep next to waterfalls.  I […]

Mysterious door appears on California beach

The world stands mesmerized by a stainless steel door with ocean-sapphire glass that appeared mysteriously on a beach in California this morning. Local surf legend Bobby Miller was the first to see the door. He revealed his discovery to two of his fellow surfers who contacted local authorities. They stood in awe at what they […]

My neighbor just threw her washing machine into her pool from the diving platform ~ in her heels

I was sitting outside on the balcony yesterday overlooking our pool, when suddenly my incredibly strong and bronze neighbor appeared in my peripheral vision. It was hard to miss her because she was wearing a striking yellow dress, heels, and those freaking blindingly reflective super hero bracelets. Imagine my surprise when I also just happened […]

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