White House glows aloha purple at luau

The White House hosted a luau yesterday for Congress, which would have gotten a great deal more attention in the media if it hadn’t been for the deaths of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.  The event was still largely documented, and the photographers out there didn’t fail to capture some of the island spirit in […]

Hula chair ~ chuckles await

Hours on planes will make you go crazy.  Luckily, there’s the great American flying pastime of selecting one item from each page of the Skymall catalog that you would buy for yourself or a friend.  My shining choice above all others from my trip yesterday is most certainly this here Hula Chair:   The version […]

Hulu.com ~ NBC and Newscorp’s baby set to launch

Hulu, whose name must come from something between "hula" and "zulu" (i.e., between aloha and safari) is set to launch soon according to Brad Stone at the The New York Times in his article called, "Hulu Readies Its Online TV, Dodging the insults." "Hulu" apparently means various things, such as "butt," in different languages.  It’s […]

Digg: "The craziest thing you will see on youtube"

This video is at the top of Digg today:   Notice how it opens with the beach and goes into other things like hula-hooping castle towers.  Definitely pretty weird.  Will you make it to the eviscerating baby at 2:47?  What?  Here’s the Digg link with comments.  Cyriak is apparently someone from the UK who put […]