iPhoto Face Recognition ~ An Objective Visual Research Tool?

Automobile lovers have long known the importance of the right smile on the front end of a vehicle, but thanks to iPhoto we can objectively conclude that cruise ship companies share the goal of putting their best face forward. The bow of the Norwegian Dawn popped up as an “Unknown Face” while I was processing […]

The Onion ~ Point/Counterpoint on ‘Footprints’

I mentioned the religious significance of the footprints in the Navy Seal recruitment beach ad by the same name.  Well, The Onion has taken that story and written a Point/Counterpoint article.  It’s old, but worth a read. Here’s a Point excerpt: "You dreamed you were walking along the beach with Me…. You noticed that many […]

Mysterious door appears on California beach

The world stands mesmerized by a stainless steel door with ocean-sapphire glass that appeared mysteriously on a beach in California this morning. Local surf legend Bobby Miller was the first to see the door. He revealed his discovery to two of his fellow surfers who contacted local authorities. They stood in awe at what they […]