Bridgestone ~ For drivers who want their cars to get washed up and stuck on the beach

The reflection concept in this ad is kind of interesting, but it leaves you scratching your head when you think about why you would want a nice Mercedes looking like it washed up on the beach without its tires.  If it’s either Bridgestone or nothing, don’t show a car with nothing.

Harvard Business School 2 + 2 ~ Summer = Beach

The Harvard Business School has launched a new program called “HBS 2+2″ in which undergraduates in their third year apply for admission into the two-year MBA program. The students must first work for two years prior to making their way to the Boston campus. You may have already seen this ad with the repetitive Crimson […]

If you had to choose between eye sight and islands

Here’s a special new ad from CareCredit (click to enlarge): What makes this one interesting is that they’re not trying to equate LASIK with a tropical island, just telling you that you can have both good eye sight and a tropical vacation.  CareCredit offers financing for healthcare procedures that insurance doesn’t necessarily cover.  It is […]

Find the treasure ~ lower my bills has this animated Flash auto insurance ad floating out there (found on Those look like pirate ships to me.  Do you really want to represent your company as a couple of pirate ships on a treasure hunt?  And those creatures jumping out of the water could be sharks.  Even the best case scenario […]

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