Ford Escape Hybrid ‘most fuel-efficient SUV’

You wouldn’t know that this opening shot of a Flash ad from is for an SUV: Just because a car is more fuel efficient than others doesn’t make it fuel efficient or green.  But Ford wants us to believe that the Escape literally sits in a beautiful field of sunflowers: I’m not buying it.  […]

Cigar-smoking penguins

I’m guessing that these penguins are supposed to indicate that it’s winter time (at least in the northern hemisphere), but they otherwise make no sense (click to enlarge): This web page is from the company that brought us the worst print ad of the year.  You can see the same creepy guy in the lower […]

HP Mediasmart Home Server

Okay, you spend $2,000 to fly to Tahiti, and you feel so homesick that you have to beam your reruns of Martin and Gilmore Girls to your hotel room: In other words, you can now escape from your escape by going home whenever you please.  Thanks HP Mediasmart Home Server for making this possible?? God […]

A cell phone is not an ocean or a surf shop, Helio

I have pondered for a long time now why the Korean company Helio would name their mobile power center phone the "Ocean."  But the images don’t stop there.  The company has put an ad up on BoingBoing for the phones very cool one click search function.  See: This is a really great feature.  All you […]

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