Is Pocket God really the best app ever, CNN?

CNN has had too many drivel moments lately, so I finally put their site into my site blocker on my router; it was liberating. They recently posted a series of nine “Best iPhone apps,” as voted on by readers of a site called 148apps, and the “Best app ever [for 2009]” went to the kill-the-cute-island-inhabitants […]

Ocean View Cam for iPhone posted a new iPhone "webapp" for iPhone owners (or anyone with web access): Yes, that’s the Ocean View Cam.  I’m not sure if that’s at all useful to anyone, but it’s there for you.  Here’s the link.  Here are more Webapps too at Apple. Will the late-February SDK ever get here?  These webapps have […]

YouTube on the Helio Ocean

The Helio Ocean not only supports easier Googling, but now it can interact with YouTube better too according to CrunchGear. We tend to agree with them that “the Ocean, with Helio’s service, is the device to watch, and every time an improvement like this hits the hardware, we’re proven a little bit more correct.” It […]

Sprint CEO quits after iPhone kicks butt ~ company returns to island ads to help fend off Google Phone

  Since Sprint’s CEO resigned earlier this month after their Sprint Speed campaign failed to bring any return close to what they put into it, they have been going back to the old island website that I mentioned in a post a while back.  The banner you see above popped up on Forbes on an […]

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