Dead flies at the pool and on the beach

One of the more recent humorous email forwards traveling around contains photos of dead flies with pencil sketches drawn around them to place them in various settings. There are two out of nine (from a greater collection) in the email that I received that are Rapidsea ready. There’s a simple pool scene: And then there’s […]

Coffee Art

Here’s a new bunch of images I pulled from a coffee art email that’s making the rounds.  There’s the fish: Butterfly: I like the sailboat one in particular: There were several others in the email too. It looks like at least one of these is from Israel.  I would like to credit them properly if […]

Short-lived messages in the sand

If there were an official Rapidsea holiday card, it would look something like this tacky image: It’s a bit of irresistible spam for a partial real estate ownership reseller (timeshares and condos).  How telling is it for a short-lived piece of spam to have its message written in beach sand?  Bye bye.  Delete.

Frozen tsunami wave in Antarctica?

CHILEAN EARTHQUAKE UPDATE: In response to the Chilean earthquake, one group that could use your donations is Doctors Without Borders. They have sent a team to Chile to assess the needs of the affected area. Even if they decide that there is little for them to do in Chile, they are also active in Haiti. […]

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