Dear mainstream media: the earthquake happened in Chile, not Hawaii

The devastation caused by the 2010 Chilean earthquake, which was 500 times as powerful as the recent Haitian earthquake, merits attention. Unfortunately, the US has been fixated on the tsunami that was headed for Hawaii. The possible destruction of various pieces of low-lying paradise upstaged the real tragedy of an earthquake felt for a thousand […]

Is Pocket God really the best app ever, CNN?

CNN has had too many drivel moments lately, so I finally put their site into my site blocker on my router; it was liberating. They recently posted a series of nine “Best iPhone apps,” as voted on by readers of a site called 148apps, and the “Best app ever [for 2009]” went to the kill-the-cute-island-inhabitants […]

Political coconut launching ~ hitting real people’s livelihoods instead

The Republicans and Democrats have long used escape and paradise to clobber one another, sometimes joining forces to lance a particularly malignant personality (think Gary Hart and the yacht named Monkey Business). Having a Democratic President from Hawaii has been both a blessing and a curse for those who want to use the state as […]

Chez Cher Sells with Sofas by the Seashore

Cher sold her Big-Island Hawaiian home at auction for $8.7 million according to CNN. The fourth image in the four-picture gallery is particularly amusing: Notice the palms blowing in the wind? The description says that the “Trade winds cool the patio.” No wonder why she has never lived there. How could she keep her wigs […]

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