Get Lost ~ the island doesn’t want you here

Remember the story about the new volcanic island Hunga Ha’apai forming near Tonga in March 2009?  Here’s the video:   The strange part is that one man decided to be (perhaps?) the first person to take a step on it.  His story is crazy enough that you would think he would get the hint that […]

Tax Day in the U.S.

If you’re still plugging away at your taxes, you might consider TurboTax if for no other reason than they give you this little "Retirement Distributions" icon: Yet it still feels so far away.

Rich people starting to “jet pool” to private islands to help save the planet ~ gee, thanks

Necker Island, the private island retreat of Richard Branson, is the global warming locale of the moment as several celebrity-status entrepreneurs and politicians gather there to talk about a world "on fire" according to the International Herald Tribune. The best line of the article is this: "Some of them, like [Google co-founder Larry] Page, carbon-consciously […]

New island wallpapers available at National Geographic

Bora Bora came up in the Gulfstream post, and luckily I found my way to a really beautiful picture of it on National Geographic’s website: There is a whole series of island photos called "Patterns in Nature: Island Aerials," all of which are available for wallpaper downloading at resolutions of 800 X 600, 1,024 X […]

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