Conclusive evidence that crop circles are not alien renderings

Either the ocean obsession has spilled over into alien life interacting with earth or crop circles are made by sea-possessed humans.  The latest jellyfish crop “circle” in Britain provides 600 feet of near-conclusive evidence of the latter.  We love our ocean creatures.

CNN: Billions of jellyfish wipe out Northern Ireland salmon farm

I’m trying to imagine a layer of jellyfish that is 10 square miles in area and 35 feet thick.  Not a pretty site.  Read it here.

Zune mistakes itself for an iPod Touch

After the last Zune review, I set out to explore the possibility that maybe in Microsoft’s overall campaign they actually put together some really compelling ways of selling the Zune.  What I found instead was a commercial called "Ballad of TIna Pink" (or possibly "Welcome to the Social" if you go by the Zune website) […]

Can take the sting out of shopping?

I was thinking today about writing a post on the MSN butterfly, but luckily I don’t have to. Instead I came across this little number from the shopping site Is that a squished MSN butterfly? Amazing! Although I’m not really sure what the heck a jellyfish has to do with a butterfly…has to do […]