Tiffany & Co. Life Preserver ~ A Simple Way to Return to a Better Relationship

The latest Tiffany & Co. promotional email revealed a somewhat hidden visual message: In the clasp, you can see a life preserver, and the chain and heart have the look of an anchor. Could the message be that Tiffany jewelry is a great way to save your relationship? The life preserver seems to be holding […]

Xerox Phaser 8860 ~ believe in pearlescent full-scuba-spectrum color

Xerox is actively marketing their solid-ink printers through direct mail. I received a brochure with this oyster on the cover, which was obviously professionally printed:   Inside the envelope was also this actual half-letter-sized print sample: I went to the website to see if they were using a similar underwater world to push the products, […]

Tiffany conch and diamond Chrysanthemum Brooch ~ what do you call an octopus with 31 legs?

If you think that this Tiffany & Co. brooch looks more like an octopus than a chrysanthemum, your instincts might not be too far off:   Its petals are carved from a single conch shell, and the piece has an exquisite and rare conch diamond weighing in at 25 carats.   This is one of those […]

Diamonds require no tech support

After the diamond rant, I went on the hunt for ads that are a little less about prostitution.  I found a decent one on the back of Money magazine’s December 2007 issue: This ad is a simple, elegant picture of the Journey diamond jewelry line that plays to the holiday gift-giving crowd.  In other word, […]

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