CNN takes heat for ‘diamonds vs. pearls’ question for Hillary at Democratic Debate in Vegas

CNN is taking some heat for asking a UNLV student to close the debate with a light-hearted question for Hillary Clinton about whether she prefers diamonds or pearls.  The young woman says that she would have preferred to ask a question about nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, but CNN told her to end the questioning […]

Tiffany sterling silver pearls and Frank Gehry "Fish" Necklace

Now that we have traveled from the realm of discount stores to luxury goods, Tiffany & Co. have sent out their latest irresistible bit of email bacn. Here it is: Tiffany & Co. seem to be in tune with their inner ocean these days, as I started writing about in my Somerset post. This time […]

Pearly white Intel Centrino Duo ~ in a slimy notebook?

Intel has a pearl and oyster ad out touting their Centrino Duo Processor for notebooks. Here it is (click to enlarge): They have gone to great lengths to really pull out the rainbow colors in that chip. It makes me wonder why they couldn’t have come up with something a little less literal relating to […]

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