Imperial Junkie ~ jeans for urban paradise?

Nothing says "urban street wear" like a bunch of cliche exotic animals in an ad: I’m in the bayou.  Oh wait, maybe it’s the jungle.  Or am I in a meadow with my butterfly net?  I’m floating like an imperial junkie. Ouch!!  The monkey bit me.  Am I wearing women’s jeans?  Oh, look, a pretty […]

Guinness Life of a Dot

The little dot could be anything, even the Eden or the submarine you’ll see in this advertisement…   Instead, it chose to be a pint of Guinness. This reminds me of the hula hoop in the Hudsucker Proxy movie. By way of Duncan’s TV Ad Land, which has more information and full stats on the […]

Crysis ~ the most realistic virtual island in the history of man ~ in stores November 14, 2007

By far the most realistic virtual island ever created for mass production is coming out on November 14, 2007, in the form of the game Crysis developed by Crytek and distributed through Electronic Arts.  Here’s the box art: Notice the changes to the newer box on the right.  First off, there’s the obvious Game Critics […]

Tiger Balm YouTube Contest ~ Hawaii or $5,000

A contest that hasn’t gotten too much publicity to date is the Tiger Balm YouTube contest where you are supposed to post your videos on how you get sore muscles and are fixed with Tiger Balm.  The prize for the video with the most votes is either a trip to Hawaii or $5,000 to spend […]

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