and the Susan G. Komen Foundation Team Up for a Beach Run Against Cancer

Since the diagnosis of my own mother with breast cancer several years ago, I have paid keen attention to the many charitable organizations soliciting funds for cancer research, prevention, and care, particularly those that use Rapidsea imagery to do it. Charities love to use oceans and beaches to extend the warm feeling of giving to […]

Pacific Lighthouses ~ USPS 41-cent stamps

The lighthouses of the Pacific usually don’t get as much airtime as those of New England, but the US Postal Service has a series of stamps with photos of their western counterparts (click to enlarge):   The lighthouses shown are the Diamond Head Lighthouse in Hawail, the Five Finger Lighthouse in Alaska, the Grays Harbor […]

Palm Tree 1 Lighthouse 0 ~ Citi Cards

Citi refuses to leave the coasts with their advertising. They must have spent some time at the Earl Cunningham exhibit at the Smithsonian to come up with this ad (click to enlarge): Yes, that’s a palm tree that has supposedly been transported from Florida to Maine. I know that these stories are embellished to make […]

Unknown Canada vs. Not Obviously Canada

I really love Canada and try to travel there at least once a year if I can. It’s always refreshing to have different forms of visual stimulation as opposed to the lameitude that is American highway sprawl stimulation. Luckily, today such a visual flew south electronically. It was a web ad for “Unknown Canada” full […]

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