Roomba® Vacuuming Robot & Lighthouse™ Review

After my post in August on the new 5th-generation (500 series) Roomba vacuum cleaning robots, I bought one to try out. So, I can now officially do a review. Two words: love it! First off, the Roomba is almost perfect for our house. I’m vacuuming now as I type. How bad could that be? But […]

No-link ad round up ~ Campbell’s Soup, Kraft Live Active Cheese, and Citizens Ukulele Banking

Three noteworthy ads are bouncing around television this week. I have searched for copies of them online, but have had no luck yet. First off, there’s Campbell’s soup, which is advertising their new sea salt alternatives with sea imagery apparently from this Oregon lighthouse. I’ve always felt like sodium chloride was sodium chloride, but I […]

New Roomba Robots Introduced ~ Featuring the Virtual Wall® Lighthouse™

The new Roomba vacuum cleaning robots are out from iRobot. They look pretty amazing. I hope they are as great as the old models. I want one! They even come with the oh-so-creative Virtual Wall® Lighthouses™. Glad that they were somehow able to trademark the word “lighthouse,” since it’s hardly ever used in anything that’s […]

The Cult of Rapture ~ BioShock Splashdown

First-Person Shooter fans are readying themselves for the BioShock splashdown. The Cult of Rapture Forum says to “wait for the official demo download tonight at 7PM EDT” to make sure you have the latest version and drivers. Rapture is the name of the underwater city in the game. David Kushner at IEEE Spectrum Sandbox has […]

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