Big Love ~ What are female whales really looking for in a mate?

Smithsonian magazine has an article called "Big Love," which seeks to understand what exactly female whales look for in a mate.  Check it out if you’re interested. (Photo above by Whit Welles)

Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For

Fortune has spiced up this year’s "The 100 Best Companies to Work For" with lots of escape and scuba.  Even the start of the article on page 61 of the February 4, 2008, issue opens with a profile of, well, not the number one company (Google) but instead with number 88!  Woo hoo!!  Number 88, […]

Appalling Golfweek magazine noose cover

One of the media representatives of the escapist, and often exclusive, sport of golf has caused quite an uproar.  It’s Golfweek magazine, which published this cover with a noose on it: What?! It’s not like noose scares aren’t all over the news?  Is that where they got the idea?  This is a classic example of […]

Harvard Magazine ~ Autism: ‘Probing the roots of a devastating disorder’

The January/February 2008 cover of Harvard Magazine (the Alumni Association’s magazine) has been sent out and has this sunset cover on the topic of autism: It’s a mother and her son walking on what appears to be a beach at sunset.  They are disjointed by a lightning bolt and some strange puzzle pieces.  The image […]

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