Beach Sand and the Bloom Box ~ Here come the conspiracy theorists

Allow Rapidsea to be the first to predict the ecological uproar over the Bloom Box by Bloom Energy, a power-generating fuel cell stack that was revealed to the television world on 60 Minutes on February 21, 2010. The technological and economic doubters have already had their say, even before the product is fully revealed, but […]

Imperial Junkie ~ jeans for urban paradise?

Nothing says "urban street wear" like a bunch of cliche exotic animals in an ad: I’m in the bayou.  Oh wait, maybe it’s the jungle.  Or am I in a meadow with my butterfly net?  I’m floating like an imperial junkie. Ouch!!  The monkey bit me.  Am I wearing women’s jeans?  Oh, look, a pretty […]

Retirement ~ the beach allusion and illusion

Paradise retirement images range from the literal beach ads, like this T. Rowe Price one, to this very subtle Charles Schwab colors-only ad: You have the beach, ocean, and clouds here — all in one otherwise hidden image.  The same colors were later adapted and added to other ads.  For example, there is this one […]

Ford Escape Hybrid ‘most fuel-efficient SUV’

You wouldn’t know that this opening shot of a Flash ad from is for an SUV: Just because a car is more fuel efficient than others doesn’t make it fuel efficient or green.  But Ford wants us to believe that the Escape literally sits in a beautiful field of sunflowers: I’m not buying it.  […]

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