Delsey Helium Luggage

This advertisement is a lighted indoor airport billboard. It communicates immediately the notion that the luggage is light. The name “Helium” helps too. It’s not clear why there needs to be a happy meadow with a lone tree to help convey that message though.

Consolidated Credit Counseling Service ~ lifesaver?

  My impression of freedom has been expanded just by looking at this picture.  It’s like they grabbed that woman in the lifesaver above and flung her out of the sea and across a field of sunflowers.  She promptly spread her arms so that she could fly, but little does she know she can’t.  Ploooomph.  […]

Microsoft: Guitar-playing flamingo for Popfly Beta

If you look at that image there, you’ll see a flamingo with its head wrapped around the guitar.  There are some other images, which look mostly like standard stock photos, that rotate through the mix: I started writing the post before I saw these, and of course the surfer, the dandelion-filled meadow, and the goldfish […]

Crest Nature’s Expressions ~ How I feel about citrus fruit

After you dive into the new meadow of a toothpaste by Crest called “Nature’s Expressions,” the citrus flavor being the Rapidsea expression of choice, be sure to download the Martina McBride song “How I Feel.” You’ll also get the Crest “Dental Plan” monthly newsletter. I tried another lemon toothpaste by Crest that made me feel […]

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