Xerox Phaser 8860 ~ believe in pearlescent full-scuba-spectrum color

Xerox is actively marketing their solid-ink printers through direct mail. I received a brochure with this oyster on the cover, which was obviously professionally printed:   Inside the envelope was also this actual half-letter-sized print sample: I went to the website to see if they were using a similar underwater world to push the products, […]

Starbucks’ new old mermaid logo out in force

Starbucks has decided to stick it to the man by bringing back their old logo.  It was an issue discussed here in September in the early days of their retro brand movement. They may have given in by carefully placing her locks, but they brought back the historically accurate two-tailed pose.  The new old Starbucks […]

Starbucks Mermaid ~ Cover your eyes, kids!

I was once in a movie theater in Utah, and prior to starting the G-rated cartoon the locally owned cinema thoughtfully decided to play a slideshow of photographs from a local artist who had an extensive collection he had taken on a trip to Europe. One of the photos was of a famous fountain with […]