Court: whales are protected against Navy exercises

From The San Francisco Chronicle: "A federal appeals court has ruled that the Navy must protect endangered whales from the potentially lethal effects of underwater sonar during anti-submarine training off the Southern California coast, rejecting President Bush’s attempt to exempt the exercises from environmental laws."  Read the whole article here.

Uncle Sam no longer Berkeley’s travel agent

Protesters in Berkeley are dressed in pink and taking on the Marines.  One poster that appeared on the street was photographed by Jim Castel.  He caught some of the anti-military mood in this very successful picture that probably won’t be used as a recruitment image by the military anytime soon: This image pushes us back […]

Incidents-at-Sea Agreement with Iran

There is a report out that a "Gulf prankster" could have been the source of the recent near-incident at sea between the US and Iran.  The whole event is leading some to push for an "incidents-at-sea" agreement between the US and Iran.  Under this agreement, a series of communications protocol would be established to verify […]

Close Guantánamo Bay

The American Civil Liberties Union is floating around this new image for their close the Guantánamo Bay prison campaign: They quote Vice President Dick Cheney as saying, "They’re living in the tropics… They’ve got everything they could possibly want."  It goes on to say that "Torture and indefinite detention are shamefully un-American."  Finally, they encourage […]

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