Navy Diver Destiny

The Navy is your destiny and it’s coming your way according to this recruitment brochure: This is not one of the Navy’s better recruitment materials.  The diver looks more dorky than enlightened by destiny. If you were to compare these with other, the bomb sniffing dog ad was better, and the Navy Seals beach ad […]

Navy ~ bomb sniffing dogs don’t work underwater

While not quite as amazing as the Navy footprints on the beach commercial, this print ad, from the December 2007 issue of Motor Trend, gets the point across by featuring a piece of technology that few have seen.  The ad is interesting enough to make you want to know more about everything the Navy does.  […]

Dubai Air Show features an aerobatic palm tree

Dubai’s Air Show, which opened this week, is quite a site…and a sound.  I was in Dubai several years ago and had forgotten that it was taking place.  The sound of the jets scared the living **** out of me.  The show has grown since then and features new acts. One of the featured aerobatic […]

Beach Impeach ~ Mother of all political protests?

Most people can respect political protests in many forms.  I lived for a while on a non-obvious street about six blocks from the White House, where the President would send political protests to keep them out of the way.  While there were always hoards of interesting things happening in D.C., I have to admit that […]

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