Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele

You may not be able to pronounce “ukulele” (even though you might think you can), but that sweet island instrument takes you away.  And “Dent May” may sound like a scrappy warplane piloted by a WWII hero during the Pearl Harbor attacks, but it’s actually an indie pop musician from Mississippi/New York enamored with his […]

A new meme for butterfly cliches

This comic takes on the butterfly.  Finally.  Thank you.

‘Paradise’ Ana Serrano van Der Laan (Ana Laan) ~ iTunes Single of the Week

The iTunes free song of the week is called by "Paradise" Ana Serrano van der Laan.  Here’s the album artwork displaying an apparent internal paradise she’s magically in: It’s from her album called Chocolate and Roses.  That picture looks like it’s somewhere in Arizona maybe (probably not Palm Springs). The song "Paradise" itself deserves not […]

John Mayer sports a Borat thong for his cruise fans

If you dare see John Mayer in the (not suitable for work really) Borat-style thong, click on the cropped image below: This follows on the original John Mayer Mayercraft Carrier post.  I told you it wasn’t a good idea.  The only people that wanted to see him on his cruise were his diehard fans, and […]

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