Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit ~ brought to you by The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

Just like the title says:   Did anybody else know there was an ukulele orchestra anywhere?  Let alone Great Britain.  Another version of this has been floating around on Digg, but this one is a bit longer.

Professor Murder ~ On A Desert Island

If you’re willing to look beyond (forward to?) the breast-like coconuts on the palm tree of the On A Desert Island album artwork of Professor Murder, you might like the bright but technical islandish (but not outlandish) sound of this group from Brookadelphia.  Their song "Civilization Three" was the featured download at RCRD LBL at […]

Kazakhstani women’s hockey and the Ships and Dip tropical cruise with the Barenaked Ladies & Guster

This morning I found this upcoming cruise event with the Barenaked Ladies: So many bands are doing these cruise ship promotions now.  I have to admit that I probably wouldn’t want to be on one of them with very many bands, but going with the Barenaked Ladies would probably be one of the only ways […]

Patrick Watson’s Close to Paradise ~ Best Canadian Album of the Year? Review here

Last year the Canadian Polaris Prize, admittedly not the most important award in music, went to Final Fantasy’s album He Poos Clouds.  This year, according to the Queen’s Journal at Queen’s University, the prize went to Patrick Watson for his album Close to Paradise. The album is not bad if you’re looking to slow down […]

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