Don’t mess with beaches ~ thoughts on an unnatural disaster

The gushing Louisiana oil well is about to show that paradise is a more powerful force than political allegiances. The Florida coast and islands are threatened. Obama has spent much of his first year+ rushing to the center, presumably building momentum for reelection in 2012. His approval of expanded offshore drilling mostly just fueled consternation […]

Dear mainstream media: the earthquake happened in Chile, not Hawaii

The devastation caused by the 2010 Chilean earthquake, which was 500 times as powerful as the recent Haitian earthquake, merits attention. Unfortunately, the US has been fixated on the tsunami that was headed for Hawaii. The possible destruction of various pieces of low-lying paradise upstaged the real tragedy of an earthquake felt for a thousand […]

Gulfstream G650 ~ fast trip to paradise from pretty much anywhere

Gulfstream launched the G650 on March 13, 2008.  In your G6, you can travel 7,000 nautical miles at 0.85 Mach or 5,000 nautical miles at 0.90 Mach.  Yes, that’s just short of the speed of sound.  But the real story here is the fine publicity shot that they chose: Oh, yes, that’s a beautiful island.  Is […]

Obama was born in Hawai’i ~ which a few argue was/is not part of the United States

According to The Honolulu Advertiser, a handful of people are arguing that Barack Obama, who was born in 1961 (three years after Hawai’i became a state), was not born in the United States. This argument is similar to the nonsense that a very small number of people are spreading about John McCain.  Can we please […]

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