Mini Clubman ~ Etch-A-Sketch Paradise

The Clubman in the Mini line of cars has at least two paradise ads floating around the Internet.  The scenes look like this: You can see that  no dolphins, flamingoes, or hairy-chested men in Speedos were spared from these fantastic line-art displays. Here is the speedboat/dolphin version:   And here’s the Speedo/airplane/flamingo/metal-detector version:   In […]

Palm Sunday

Churches were filled today for Palm Sunday.  Did you know that at times in the distant past when palm fronds were scarce that it was called "Branch Sunday"?  Today, hundreds of millions of palm fronds are harvested every year for US church ceremonies.  The number is so large that major newspapers have picked up on […]

Man pulls palm tree down onto his pick up truck

Enough said:   Aie.  So much for that bakkie.  This one is from South Africa. If this were real, I can only imagine that SOMEBODY would want to know if he was all right.

The single palm tree of ‘South Pacific’ at Lincoln Center Theater

There is something completely weird and poetic about the idea that a single palm tree is all that is needed to convey a place in the Lincoln Center Theater production of "South Pacific" as seen in this photo of the palm by Sara Krulwich (New York Times): The Times writes: "Stagehands load in the lone […]

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