Are Havaianas flip flops on their way up?

In my rage against sports Crocs in August of last year, I predicted that Havaianas Zori-style sandals would likely to become the summer footwear of choice this year.  The company is certainly slowly pushing their way into the market.  This ad is from the March 2008 issue of Complex: They’ve got the palm trees, flowers, […]

New genus for the Madagascar palm tree that flowers itself to death

Do you remember that new palm tree species from Madagascar?  It’s the one that essentially flowers itself until it dies.  Well, it’s apparently so different from any other palm species, that they had to create a new genus classification to make room for it on the tree family tree.  More here with another picture and […]

Turkey ~ the cold(ish) palm tree paradise

According to the Turkish Daily News on February 2, 2008, more and more developments in Turkey are incorporating palm trees that can withstand temperatures that drop to -18 degree Celsius (0 degrees Fahrenheit) into their landscapes.  The article says that the palms are a differentiating factor that help to sell real estate.  Soon we will […]

Coconuts kill?

This T-shirt popped up this morning: Duck! The headine that linked to this was, of course, that "coconuts kill more Americans each year than terrorism."  We must stop the killing. Of course, the Joel Best publishing through the University of California Press says that they don’t.  Or more precisely: "Do 150 people actually die in […]

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